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We help students build successful careers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all college students with an opportunity to build the career they want, irrespective of where they are from or what college they attend. We want to become the number one place where freshers learn and find internships or full-time roles.

Our Purpose

As we ventured out to make a difference in the industry, we found critical challenges that the students, colleges and recruiters regularly deal with. After talking to hundreds of colleges what we understood was that universities cannot change their curriculum every 6 months or so, but the industry moves forward very quickly. And this creates a skill gap. According to our findings, most of the students start to prepare for jobs in their final years of the degree programs.


Most of the students have no idea as to what they want to do or become after their degree. This happens due to the lack of career coaching/guidance in low tier colleges. And lastly, it's just super tough for a student from a low tier college to even get an interview even if the student is highly skilled. This happens due to the recruiters favouring large institutions. Even in top tier colleges, students are forced to sit in irrelevant recruitment drives. Lastly, why should a company go to multiple colleges and set up a placement drive to hire freshers? It's super ineffective and so 90's. We aim to solve this.

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