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C++ Developer Pathway

C++ is a popular language used to develop browsers, games, and operating systems. It's also an essential tool in the development of modern technology like IoT and self-driving cars. This path will get you up to speed with C++ with lessons built for current developers like you. We'll take you from basic to advanced concepts, all with hands-on practice. By the end, you'll have enough C++ experience to confidently solve real-world problems.

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Learning Objectives

Learn the basics of C++, from the syntax upward

Explore templates in C++

Gain a mastery of multithreading and concurrency concepts in C++

Practice using OOP techniques in C++

Understand how to work with the tools and utilities available in C++

Learn all the essentials of embedded programming with Modern C++

Hands-On Programs

C++ Basics

Get familiar with C++ basics like variables, data types, and functions.

C++ Standard Library

Unlock the full potential of C++ by mastering the Standard Library.

Concurrency with Modern C++

Discover advanced concurrency techniques to create parallel and vectorized programs.

OOP in C++

Explore classes and OOP concepts like information-hiding, inheritance and polymorphism.

Templates in C++

Learn to build flexible and reusable code with C++ Templates.

Embedded Programming

Study the unique benefits and challenges of embedded systems with hands-on practice.

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