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Ace the C++ Coding Interview

With automated driving and IoT on the rise and a great deal of new functionality supported by the language, C++ is enjoying something of a resurgence. If you can impress on the interviews, there is no shortage of jobs out there for C++ developers. This path will help you ensure you’re brushed up on all the skills you’ll need to rock those interviews. You’ll cover everything from Data Structures and Algorithms to Concurrency, and get plenty of actual practice along the way.

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Learning Objectives

Brush up on data structures, algorithms, and important syntax

Practice answering hundreds of real interview questions

Learn the patterns that will help you answer any question you might face

Be able to answer multithreading and concurrency questions confidently

Hands-On Programs

Big-O Notation

Learn by practising to make the right algorithm and data structure decisions to manage space and time complexity.


Brush up your skills at solving problems using recursion.

Modern C++ Concurrency

Data Structures

Solve problems that are commonly asked in C++ coding interviews related to common data structures.

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic programming is an essential problem solving technique. Brush up your dynamic programming skills in this module.

Many C++ applications involve concurrency-related programming challenges. Test your mastery of the concurrency features and best practices in modern C++.

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