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Crack the Front End Interview

This path will help you make sure you shake off any cobwebs and make a lasting positive impression on your interviewers. You'll review all the key concepts you need to be familiar with in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, practising and diving deep into dozens of real questions along the way. You’ll leave no stone unturned, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes your way on the front-end interviews at any company.

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Learning Objectives

Refresh your memory on the most useful parts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Learn JavaScript design patterns that will save you valuable time

Dive through common JavaScript data structures

Practice on real coding interview questions

Hands-On Programs

Ace the HTML

Brush up on theory and practice with real HTML interview questions on markup, semantics, forms, web APIs, and more.

Refresh Your CSS

Refresh your CSS knowledge and catch up on all the key concepts you’ll need to know for the interview.

Data Structures

Your ability to work with data structures is often used as a barometer for your programming prowess.

Design Patterns in JavaScript


Go through the fundamentals of JavaScript that interviewers expect you to know, and get plenty of practice along the way.

Save yourself time and mental energy in the interview. Learn to draw on established patterns instead of reinventing the wheel.

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