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Flask Developer Pathway

Flask is a Python-based platform for web development and is known for being simple, lightweight and having a small learning curve. Flask makes the implementation of repetitive tasks easier and got the booming job market. This path will train you on Flask from beginner to intermediate-level, and will put you on track to become an in-demand full-stack developer. At the end of the path, you will have hands-on practice for building full-stack professional web applications using Flask.

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Learning Objectives

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming

Learn to work with databases using SQLAlchemy

Learn how to build REST API with Python

Develop skills to create models and connect them with templates and views

Learn about the basic configuration files of Flask

Learn how to build a scratch production-level Flask application

Hands-On Programs

Python Fundamentals

This module will help you to learn Python fundamentals and develop the skills needed to create basic applications in Python.

Building REST API with Python

Flask Framework

Learn how to build your first fully-fledged Flask application.

Learn how to build a REST API with Python.

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