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Java Developer Pathway

Java is one of the most sought-after and widely used programming languages in the tech industry and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It runs on everything from phones to game consoles to data centres. This path is perfect for you if you already have experience programming, but are new to Java. It’ll help you become an employable Java developer with incredibly valuable skills, ready to jump in and contribute to real-world projects.

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Learning Objectives

Get adapted to Java syntax and behaviour

Practice using OOP techniques in Java

Explore Lambdas and Stream APIs

Get your hands dirty writing and running real Java code off the bat

Gain a mastery of multithreading and concurrency concepts

Learn to write effective unit tests with JUnit 5

Hands-On Programs

Basics of Java Programming

Jump right in and get started with Java syntax and code examples. Cover static methods, variables, strings, arrays, and loops.


Learn how recursion can help you solve a variety of different math, string, and data structure problems by using interactive code playgrounds.

Java Collections

Learn about collections in Java such as LinkedLists, HashSet, HashMap and more.

OOP in Java

Dive deep into how OOP works in Java. Learn to write cleaner, more reusable code using OOP principles.

Java Multithreading

Explore multithreading and concurrency concepts in Java, from the basics on upward.

New Features in Java 8

Learn about Lambdas, Java Stream API, as well as lots of other new improvements made in Java 8.

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